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Moovness is here to help you move more freely with a selection of online classes that specialise in Pilates ,Somatics and flexibility programs that target Posture, Injuries and Chronic Pain.


What our customers are saying

Fantastic website that helps to build a habit of daily exercise. I did the new stretch one this morning ..a challenge for me as I do not like sitting crossed legs, but I am feeling the advantages of doing more classes a week through the online website. It is a huge advantage to be able to tag a roller class on to the back of the first class.

Philip Gatens

I am retired now and love to workout on a morning. What I enjoy the most about the online classes is that I can select the most appropriate session dependant on my needs , anytime, any day . I love the deep hamstring stretching classes as this really helps with my lower back pain.

Judith Nicholson

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